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Whether you’re trying to run your services on AWS, Azure, or GCP, Kubernetes is a great way to bring your service to the cloud in a cloud-agnostic manner. Kubernetes architecture is an open-source container orchestration system. In other words, it allows you to build containers in Linux systems that automate and control tasks. Developers rely on these containers to implement tasks, but managing the container’s lifecycle requires some orchestration system.

This course will take you from zero to how to deploy a containerized application and manipulate resources via the API. You will learn how to containerize, host, deploy and configure an application in a multi-node cluster. Starting with a simple Python script, you will define application resources and use core primitives to build, monitors, and troubleshoot scalable applications in Kubernetes. Working with network plugins, security, and cloud storage, you will be exposed to many features needed to deploy an application in a production environment.


What you will learn

  • Kubernetes architecture
  • How to access the cluster
  • Containerize and deploy a new Python script
  • Configure the deployment with ConfigMaps, Secrets, and Security Contexts
  • Understand multi-container pod design
  • Configure probes for pod health
  • Implement services and Network Policies
  • Securing the Kube-Episerver
  • Workload Considerations


Course Components

  • Kubernetes Training Course
  • A Service Mesh for Kubernetes
  • Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Cookbook
  • Kubernetes Management Design Patterns
  • Kubernetes Microservices with Docker
  • Managing Kubernetes


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