Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst, C|TIA

Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (C|TIA) combines cybersecurity and threat intelligence to help identify and reduce business risks and unknown threats into known threats. In addition, it allows cybersecurity professionals to increase their skills in building cyber threat intelligence. It is a comprehensive and specialist-level program.

Cyber Threat Intelligence is used to gather details of old and new threats from various sources. The threat intelligence feed, reports, and collected data will be analyzed and then generated to make security decisions for the company. There are some reasons why the organization needs a good Cyber Threat Intelligence team:

  • It helps to reduce the overall cybersecurity expenses, and it also saves business capital
  • It helps to lower the risks of cyberattacks from cybercriminals
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence team helps other security professionals in making strategic decisions related to information security.
  • It helps other security professionals to strengthen the security posture of the organization.
  • It improves the efficiency of security teams in an organization

Nowadays, because of increasing Cyber Threats, the demand for Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysts is rising due to which organization is facing difficulty in choosing the best candidates.

Here are some skills that CTIA should acquire:

  • Know in detail about different types of threat intelligence: A CTIA must have detailed knowledge about various threat intelligence strategies such as strategic threat intelligence, operational threat intelligence, technical threat intelligence, and tactical threat intelligence.
  • Should have detailed knowledge about numerous tools and platforms: A CTIA should have in-depth knowledge about various tools and platforms used to identify cybersecurity threats
  • Knowledge about numerous data collections and acquisition techniques: CTIA must have in-depth knowledge about various ways to gather data. There are multiple sources from which data is gathered, like search engines, websites footprinting, etc. With all these techniques, it is easy to collect the data.
  • Knowledge of various data analysis approach: CTIA needs to have data analysis skills.
  • Detailed knowledge about Threat Intelligence Tools and their applications: CTIA needs to have thorough knowledge.
  • Good report writing skills: CTIA’s job is about creating working, analytical skills, and technical know-how. They should also have good report writing skills and formulate the report in a well-structured manner.
  • Have hands-on experience: CTIA should have theoretical knowledge about the concepts and good hands-on experience with the skills they possess

C|TIA is an essential program for those who deal with cyber threats daily in the ever-changing threat landscape. Organizations today demand a professional-level cybersecurity threat intelligence analyst who can extract the intelligence from data by implementing various advanced strategies.

Course Components

  • Instructor-Led E|CIH Training Course

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