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If you’ve researched current IT certifications, you’ll see that Information Technology Infrastructure Library, or ITIL, is near the top of many lists. ITIL practices are designed to help companies identify areas where they need improvement, providing vendor-neutral guidelines on making specific changes to reduce costs and increase productivity.

For example, you may use ITIL practices to reduce helpdesk traffic by implementing self-help sections on your company’s website, or you may use ITIL guidelines to decide whether something is done in-house or by a third party.

ITIL is the most widely adopted approach for IT Service Management in the world. It provides a practical, no-nonsense framework for identifying, planning, delivering, and supporting IT services to the business. Today, ITIL is the worldwide de-facto-standard for service management and contains broad and publicly available professional documentation on planning, delivering, and supporting IT service features.

Our ITIL Foundation Certification Course introduces you to the fundamentals of IT Service Management as described in the IT Infrastructure Library. In addition, it helps students prepare for the certification exam and acquire valuable insights from instructors who have managed IT operations and ITSM programs.

ITIL Course Curriculum
Chapter 1 – ITIL Concepts
Chapter 2 – Continual Service Improvement
Chapter 3 – Service Operation
Chapter 4 – Service Transition
Chapter 5 – Service Design
Chapter 6 – Service Strategy


How can ITIL improve my company’s business performance?

A well-run IT organization that manages risk and keeps the infrastructure humming saves money and allows the business people to do their jobs more effectively. ITIL provides a systematic and professional approach to the management of IT service provision and offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced IT costs
  • improved IT services through the use of proven best practice processes
  • Improved customer satisfaction through a more professional approach to service delivery
  • Standards and guidance
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved use of skills and experience
  • Improved delivery of third-party services through the specification of ITIL or BS15000 as the standard for service delivery in services procurements

ITIL can also help businesses improve services by:

  • Assisting companies to manage risk, disruption, and failure
  • Strengthening customer relations by “delivering efficient services that meet their needs.”
  • Establishing cost-effective practices
  • Building a stable environment that still allows for growth, scale, and change


Why Get ITIL Certified?

Higher Paying Opportunities

Bottom-line is everything right? If on-site sponsorship opportunities aren’t available to you, it’s still well worth the investment to pursue an ITIL v3 certification on your own time. Not only will you be boosting your resume and providing more value to the business, but you’ll potentially receive more lucrative job opportunities as well. ITIL is listed as one of Techopedia’s highest-paying IT certifications, and it’s not uncommon for certified ITIL program managers. IT architects to make well over six figures in their respective salaries.


You’ll Stand Out Among the Rest

Not only will you be more confident in your abilities and expertise, but your employers will be impressed as well. Achieving an ITIL certification at any of the more advanced levels will give you a demonstrable advantage over other candidates in a job hiring scenario. Not only does it prove to employers that you are highly skilled and educated in industry best practices, but it will also make their investment in you more lucrative as you’ll be able to breeze through the training process and provide value from the day you’re brought on board. Although becoming ITIL certified may cost you a pretty penny up front, the long-term advantages for job growth may be worth the costs.


Prepared for the Future

ITIL has been deeply entrenched into the fabric of enterprise IT for some time now. Despite the nascent contrarian opinion now and then, it’s safe to assume that the framework’s popularity isn’t going to diminish any time soon. AXELOS is constantly changing and updating its certification courses to keep up with the times and shape ITIL’s commonly established principles to govern modern technology and development trends. That said, becoming ITIL certified is a safe bet to stay prepared for the future. The demand for educated ITIL experts in incident management, service management, change management, and other ITSM related areas is still very high.


Jump Into the Job Role You Want

Just like achieving an ITIL certification provides higher-paying job opportunities and bolsters a resume, the expertise gained will also often give you more options for job roles within the organization. Candidates with proficiencies in any of the upper-level ITIL courses will have their pick of the litter right away when it comes to where they want to go and what they want to do. So often in IT, employees must “pay their dues,” so to speak, and settle on low-level roles or contractor positions until they prove themselves and showcase the knowledge and skillset required for more lucrative opportunities. With an ITIL certification, employees can often skip this process, and recruiters may decide to take input from the certified professional on where they want to go right away at a competitive starting salary.



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