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C++ is a high-level programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs. C++ adds object-oriented features to its predecessor, C. C++ is one of the most popular programming languages for graphical applications, such as those in Windows and Macintosh environments.

C++ is an imperative procedural language. It was designed to be compiled using a relatively straightforward compiler to provide low-level memory access, language constructs that map efficiently to machine instructions and require minimal run-time support.

It is widely used.  For example, nearly all of Google Search, including the HTTP front-end, is built in C++. Other well-established websites also use C++.  Here are just a few:

  • Bigtable is built in C++
  • MySQL and Postgres are built-in C/C++
  • Yahoo largely has C++ backends and PHP front-ends
  • Youtube primarily has C++ backends and Python front-ends
  • Facebook has C/C++ backends and Hack/HHVM front-ends


It has imperative, object-oriented, and generic programming features while also providing the facilities for low-level memory manipulation. It is designed with a bias for systems programming (e.g., embedded systems, operating system kernels), with performance, efficiency, and flexibility of use as its design requirements. C++ has also been found helpful in many other contexts, including desktop applications, servers (e.g., e-commerce, web search, SQL), performance-critical applications (e.g., telephone switches, space probes) and entertainment software,

For those with a background in a procedural programming language, this course provides a foundation in C++ syntax and usage, as well as object-oriented programming. With this training, you learn how to use C++ functions and variables, leverage advanced features — including constructors, destructors, inheritance, and polymorphism — and gain an understanding of how C++ offers greater ability than C.


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