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If you work in IT, you need a fundamental understanding of cloud concepts — even if you don’t participate in implementations. Because you have to start somewhere, AWS is an excellent choice in terms of marketability. AWS revenue grew by 41% in the first quarter of 2019. That beats the 25% revenue growth for the Google Cloud Platform and ties reported growth rates for Microsoft’s commercial cloud business that includes Azure. AWS Cloud Practitioner is at the first level of AWS certifications and is the sole credential at the company’s Foundational level. It’s a natural starting point for IT professionals who want a better handle on cloud-computing tools, including SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS.
The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, an AWS foundational certification, provides individuals with an overall understanding of the AWS cloud platform. Many individuals continue to a specific certification after completing Cloud Practitioner. The certification offers an overview of core services provided by AWS, security, network, and cloud pricing, and the available support services.

This Cloud Practitioner training also covers the business side of the cloud generally. That’s valuable information for any cloud administrator that’s had to justify or optimize their AWS services and usage.

This course will also cover storage, network, database, security services, cloud architecture, and access management. Importantly, it also covers both the business and technical sides of the AWS platform. With visibility into both sides, this AWS training provides a valuable bird’s eye view over not only AWS services but the cloud economy as a whole.


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